Project Planning Console and Investment Portal Timeline icon and color legend


The Investment Portal - Timeline section and Project Planning Console use a gantt chart that illustrates Project and Project task timelines. These visualizations also include colors and icons that are not yet explained in the documentation. This KB article will address the use and purpose of those elements. 

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In both Planning Console and Investment Portal - Timeline, a few color, and icon-based elements are seen through the Gantt chart. These elements are not exactly explained in any official documentation (as of this KB article).

The elements we see are diamond-shaped indicators and timeline bars which display in varying colors.


Investment Portal Timeline diamond icons represent the different Milestones in a project.
-- DARKER colored Diamonds   = Milestone

-- LIGHTER colored Diamonds = Key Milestone

When we see the Blue timeline bar for the Project, we see a darker blue and a lighter blue color (for Projects that are Work in Progress)
-- DARKER BLUE shows the percent complete of the project.
-- LIGHT BLUE shows the percent complete remaining

So, if the Project has a percent complete of 10%, the main blue timeline bar will be DARKER to illustrate 10%