Release gantt is not working properly when there are dependencies, the bar is not honoring the dates when there are dependencies.


Whenever lag is applied on the dependency, the gantt bar is not getting properly updated

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to Reproduce:
- Create a release
- Create release phase/task planned dates in Feb-2021
- create second release phase planned dates in march-2021
- Observe the bar for second release phase shows correctly in march month
- Now define a dependency Finish to start between 1st and second.
- Observe the bar for the second task shifts to feb month (1st issue)
- Now add a lag to the dependency like 5 days
- Observe the bar for the second task didn't shift and stays as it is (2nd issue)


No Workaround.

Workaround is not possible because the code changes are in file system files.

This problem has been fixed. If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In or Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or permanent fix.

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