Custom 'State' Choices for Request Changes [project_change_request] are not displaying in the Status Report


You have added Custom 'State' Choices to the Request Changes [project_change_request] Table but now you are seeing in the Status Report from the Planning Console that the State Choices are still displaying as the Out Of Box Values.

Release or Environment



This is happening because the Custom 'State' Choices also have to be added for the Request Change Baseline Table in order for them to appear correctly in the Status Report.

Since each Status Report is taking a Baseline of the records, it will then be displaying the Baseline Record Choices instead of the Request Change Table Choices and this can result in the issue which you are seeing.


  1. Navigate to the [sys_choice] Table
  2. Filter for Table = project_change_request_baseline and Element = state
  3. Update the 'Label' Values to match your Custom Choices on the [project_change_request]

As an example: