Getting Error while adding sub project, Error: PRJXXXXXXX can not be the New Parent to


Unable to add SubProject to a Project.

Error Message "PRJTASKxxxxxx can not be the New Parent to xxxxxxx"


Potential Cause:

- There is an external dependency in any of the tasks present in the sub project, then we are not allowing to add one project as a subproject to another. We can verify this in planning console represents in dotted line.

If that external dependency is removed then it is working as expected.

For more info:

External dependency

Add an external dependency on planning console

- Perform the project diagnostics and check if there are any project tasks missing the planned/actual dates

For closed tasks, should have all planned/actual dates set.

- Within the intended sub-projects there is a project task with a start date before its parent's start date.

Identify if there are sub-projects with incorrect dates. If found, ensure they fall within the parent's start and end dates.