g_modal.confirm function not working as expected in Quebec


g_modal.confirm should handle success and failure returns of functions which is stopped working in Quebec

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create UI Action on Incident table with following code 

function onClick(g_form) {

    var template = 'requestFurtherInformation';
    g_form.setValue('email_client_template', template);
    // g_form.setValue('awaiting_info', true);

    g_form.save().then(function() {
            g_modal.confirm("Click OK when the email is sent, or Cancel if you did not send the email.").then(function onSuccess() {
                g_form.setValue('state', 8);
                g_form.setValue('email_client_template', '');
                g_form.save().then(function() {

2. Go to any Incident in Agent workspace. 
3. Click on Request Information UI Action 

Expected - UI Action will pop-up confirm dialog box , once ok pressed -> State should change to cancelled 
Actual - Page reloads but state is not changing 


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