Release notes 3.21

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The following table provides a list of the customer facing / relevant changes in this release. Not all platform backend changes are included in this list.





Support Ticket




 For data model operations performed by users of type API, static tree will be updated only once during the changeset approval and no longer after every single operation.




 Enabled health check endpoint for script executor service.



 Added tool tip for “Add Tag” and fixed the display of Java stack error message while adding tag which is not present in the list.



 For dynamic loading of static tree, fixed the caching issue for the static_tree.enabled tenant preference.

From now on the user will be able to switch between implementations without having to login/logout and clear browser’s cache.



 If a node contains null keys, copying or duplicating that node throws an error that “'Node' with position '0' already exists within the context." Sorting mechanism while copying a node is changed to accept null keys.




 Fixed the error in SAML authentication while using two core instances.




 Fixed the issue of null pointer exception while exporting the data with parser “all” when the uploaded data contains token values that belongs to nodes that doesn't have names (array nodes).




Details – Endpoint to refresh static tree for open changesets

While using an API user for create/delete/edit/include operations on the data model, the static tree will no longer be updated after every single change but only once during the approval of changeset. This change reduces the number of updates significantly and will result in improved performance and less load on the platform.

Important to note is that this changed behavior is automatically applied for all data model operations using a user of type API. There is no change in behavior for data model operations initiated by a user of type PERSON.

Should you have a specific use case where it is mandatory to visualize the data model in the UI for a changeset that was created through a user of type API then you need to trigger the refresh of static tree after performing the data model operations with the API user. To get the changes visualized in the user interface before the approval of changeset, use the below endpoint.

curl --request POST
--url 'https://sweagleTenantUrl/api/v1/data/static-tree/master-changes?changeset=cdsID&refresh=true' --header 'authorization: bearer $aToken --data '{}'



Details – Endpoint for Script Executor Health status

Script Executor service health status can be now monitored with below endpoint.

curl -s -X GET 'http://localhost:8083/health'

Output: {"status":"UP"}



Details – Tool tip for “Add Tag”

Informative message is added while adding Tag to the CDI key.


Details – Dynamic loading static tree

Fixed the caching issue for the static_tree.enabled tenant preference when the system preference “dynamic loading of static tree” is enabled.

The only thing a user should do after changing the value of the static_tree.enabled tenant preference is a simple refresh, before going to the data model page.