Unable to Create New Program under Vaccine Administration Program


You are finding that the New Program you created is not allowing Users to book appointments from the VAM Portal.


This is the expected System Behaviour in this scenario.

Currently the Vaccine Administration Management Product will only support 1 Active Program and therefore it will not be working if there is more than 1 Active Program.

The current functionality is based around the Default Program which is set in the Vaccine Properties and the Portal will only be allowing bookings for the Program which is defined in this property.

You can see the related "vaccine.management.default_program" System Property in your instance to validate this.


Since this functionality is not currently part of the Vaccine Administration Management Product then you will need to perform one of the following:

  1. Revert to using just 1 Active Program
  2. Apply customisations to Out Of Box Code so that it will support Multiple Programs