How to adjust granting of roles and groups to use background jobs instead of Foreground job.


Have you ever given added a bunch of users to a group, added some new roles to a group or added some inheritance for some groups to inherit off another group and then your session is stuck while it grants roles, groups to all those users and you have to wait till its done before you can move on?

In Madrid there is the ability to move all those transactions to a background job, therefore still giving the same access out to your users, but being able to click submit and then go do other work while it's running in the background. Sounds too good to be true right, well its there and it's as simple as a property change.

When you use this feature it will prompt you with this message, telling you that the job has been created and is queued to run on your instance.


This is very helpful as it can help you avoid issues like: Adding / Removing role to a group with high number of users does not add / remove role to all the user in the group due to Quota rules



Release or Environment

Available In Madrid and above but there was a known problem and the property was only working when

It didn't work for when

This is however fixed in Rome Release via PRB1480562.

So if you enable this in your instance before Rome, you can start utilising two scenarios, then once you upgrade to Rome, you will then utilise all the scenarios.