Copy Partial Project no longer functions as expected


After using the "Copy Partial Project" function on PPM, only the main project is copied, but the child dependencies (Project Tasks) do not copy.


Project Task (pm_project_task) was added to the Planned Task Recalculation Exclusions table which will not only cause this issue, but potentially many others with relation to Project and relational tables. 

It is NOT recommended to add Project or Project Task to the Recalculation Exclusions table as the entire engine depends on them.


  1. In any instance where you see this issue, navigate to the Planned Task Recalculation Exclusions table by navigating to it via the Navigation Filter: planned_task_recalculation_exclusions.list
  2. Locate the Project Task table and check the checkbox to the left of it
  3. At the bottom of the list, click 'Actions on selected rows' > Delete