Now Support, reimagined - Frequently Asked Questions 


The reimagined Now Support portal went live in May of 2021. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the redesigned experience. 

Cases, changes, and requests

1. How do I find my closed cases? 

To view all your closed cases, or your company’s closed cases, visit My Support > Click View All on the Open cases widget> Filter applied> Active is False. We are looking to evolve the future experience for viewing cases on Now Support. If you are interested in shaping the experience, please search for “Service and Support Experience Customer Advisory Board” in the Automation Store to join our CAB. 

2. How do I search and filter on lists? 


3. Where can I find my remote services requests? 

Users with remote services access can find it under Instances. Click on Learn about Remote Services to view more information.  

4. Why is the case screen a fly-out instead of a one-page form?

5. How do I view all my company’s, or organization’s, issues? 

6. Where can I view security finding records?

Navigate to your Instance Dashboard and select the Actions button to the right of your instance name, then select View security findings from the drop-down menu. By default, only active security finding records will be shown, but you can use the filters to display inactive records.


Managing accounts 

1. How do I delete deactivated users? 

Now Support users cannot be deleted, archived, or removed from the system. This allows ServiceNow to preserve historical data tied to the user history. 

2. How do I change a user’s role? 

If you have a Customer Administrator role on Now Support, you can update your users’ roles in the Manage Accounts dashboard. To update user roles, navigate to Manage Accounts > Select a user > scroll down to Assigned Roles list > Click Update or add responsibilities. 

3. How do I remove a user in Manage Accounts? 

In Now Support, you can deactivate a user in the Manage Accounts dashboard; however, because users are often connected to historical records and data associated with it you cannot remove or delete a user once they have been added.


1. What is the URL for the reimagined Now Support portal?

Bookmark to easily view the reimagined Now Support portal.

2. How do I access the reimagined portal if I am in the advanced view?

If you are seeing the advanced view when logging in, follow these steps to switch to the Now Support portal: 

3. How do I run reports in the Now Support portal?

Now Support allows you to export data from different tables and list views. Export data from the Instances Dashboard, My Support, and specific instances. 

To run a report on your instances, navigate to Instance dashboard > Bulk Actions> Export.


To run a report on your cases, changes, and problems navigate to My Support > View all > Bulk Actions >Export. 


To run other reports on a specific instance, click on Actions, and select automation options like Database footprint, backups, and My IP Address. 

4. How do I view the Upgrade Wizard checklist for other releases?

The Upgrade Wizard will show you the upgrade checklist for the target version you have selected for the instance. To view upgrade checklists for other releases, select a different target release. Visit product documentation to see upgrade checklists for available releases.

5. How do I navigate to the Security Center?

Security functions have been integrated at the instance level. To find security information, visit the Instances Dashboard > Actions. We are looking to evolve the future security experience on Now Support. If you are interested in shaping the experience, please search for “Service and Support Experience Customer Advisory Board” in the Automation Store to join our CAB. 

6. How do I manage my bookmarks and subscriptions?

Page level bookmarks are not available in the reimagined Now Support portal. You can bookmark automations in the Automation Store to quickly navigate to your favorite requests. Additionally, you can subscribe to Knowledge Base articles to receive email updates when new information is added.


7. Why does the reimagined Now Support portal feel slower? 

Performance of the Now Support reimagined portal is contingent on several factors. You may experience slowness the first time you access the portal as pages are still caching in your browser. Once the pages are cached you will see improved performance.  

Onboarding tasks

1. How do I reduce the number of surveys I receive from Now Support? 

Your feedback is vital to how we prioritize updates to the Now Support experience. All of your open surveys can be found in the profile dropdown. While you cannot reduce the number of surveys you receive, you can complete surveys at your earliest convenience.


2. How do I remove an item from my onboarding checklist? 

You can mark an item as complete in your onboarding checklist by clicking the checkbox next to an onboarding item. You will see changes to your progress bar in the top-right of the checklist as your mark off items as complete.