Bad Discovery SNMP OIDs for Hewlett-Packard cause StorageWorks P2000 G3 discovered as IP Switch, 1820-8G switch as Printer, LanProbe as Switch


Bad SNMP OIDs under Hewlett-Packard manufacturer cause mis-classification, and launching of the wrong probes, for devices that may not be supported.

Not a switch, and probably not supported: HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 FC / MSA 2050 SAN Storage device HPFASTETHERNETLANPROBE LanProbe monitoring devices HP4985A LanProbe monitoring devices HP4995A LanProbe monitoring devices

Not a printer - It's an IP switch: 1820-8G

Steps to Reproduce

Discover one of these devices. If a CI results from it, it will be misclassified.
These model names/numbers can be googled to confirm the issue.


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As a workaround, deactivate the OID, or correct the Table/Classifier if the device is supported by SNMP discovery.

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