Syntax Editor not working as expected


In the scenario that the syntax editor is not working as expected, and in the console you are receiving an error log similar to "GlideEditorJS is not defined".

Some additional additional symptoms can include the following:

  1. Code appears in black and white.
  2. Format code button in not working.
  3. Script block fields displays in all grey text.
  4. Toggling the editor has no effect.

Release or Environment

All releases


This is likely do to an internal network firewall issue. There is a file called 'GlideEditor5Includes.js' in our system. This file helps to apply the style for the script editor. If this file is not accessible, it can lead to this issue.


The internal network you are connected may deny the file to be accessible. Please follow the steps below to confirm this;
. Open the browser's console and go to the Network tab
. While the Network tab is open, login to the instance and go to a script include or a business rule record
. Check the Network tab for the file mentioned above (GlideEditor5Includes)
. Please share if this file is downloaded successfully or what is the reason code that denies the file

If the file is failed to download without a reason code, then please follow the steps below;
. Go to the terminal (on mac) or command prompt (on windows)
. Try to run the below ssh command

curl -s https://<instance-name>
*Note to check the console error for the correct date to use at the end of the path above

. After retrieving the results, contact your network team to identify what is blocking the access (a firewall, a vpn etc.)