Look Up Records of flow designer - Long sys_id list in runtime value got truncated


Defect located in the Look Up Records step inside the action, when the length of a list passing to it is larger than 466, an alert will occur, output field on the list will be truncated and click any of the record, will appear record not found..

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to reproduce in OOB instance:
1) Create Action
2) Select Lookup Records, choose sys_user table, and max record to set 466.
3) Output userlist as step 2)

When max records is setup 466, the list output can be opened by click on either username, or sys_id, or view all, then click any of sys_id, it will open a user record accordingly.

4) Then set the max records to 467, the output list, the output got cut, and click any sys_id of the list, resulted in record no found.


Set limitation of 466 records in lookup records actions/steps.

Related Problem: PRB1483295