Currency Changes from USD to EUR when Converting Demand to Project (locally reproduced only)


When converting a Demand to a Project, the financial data entered into the Demand (Opex/Capex) is updated from the entered currency type i.e. USD to the current User's local currency on Project creation.

Note: This issue is primarily reproduced on a local browser/locally by a user and cannot be reproduced by impersonating the user who is facing the issue.

Release or Environment



If the System Property 'glide.system.locale' is empty, then financial data may update to local currency/regional values based on Browser.


Example: User is in Germany and the region/currency cached in the User's browser defaults to EUR. The user then creates a Demand with USD Financial values and on the creation of a Project, the values change to EUR.

Cause: If the 'glide.system.locale' is empty, the browser will auto-populate Locale based on browser location. If this is not intended, then you will need to apply a valid locale value to the 'glide.system.locale' System Property. For example, if you wish for finances to stay in USD, then 'en.US' would need to be added into the 'glide.system.locale' System Property.

Adding en.US overrides the browser settings/cached settings and ensures that all cost values are seen as USD


  1. Navigate to System Preferences > System Properties
  2. Filter for name= glide.system.locale
  3. Give this System Property a value if empty