Quebec update: Starting Quebec, customers will have to install the store app to proceed with virtual agent to work

In earlier releases, the pre-builtVirtual Agent messaging integration for Microsoft Teams was part of theVirtual Agent platform. This integration is now called the Microsoft Teams, available as an app from the ServiceNow Store.


Quebec onwards,  use the Conversational Integration with Microsoft Teams app that is available from the ServiceNow Store to associate your instance with Microsoft Teams. Installation of store app is mandatory when customer wants to work with virtual agent.  Conversational Integration with Microsoft Teams app enable requesters to chat with Virtual Agent or live agents using the Microsoft Teams application.


Generally there can be two types of customers on Quebec version who are working with virtual agent using Teams:

1. If customer already had a Microsoft Teams integration and they upgraded to Quebec: 
In this case ServiceNow supports the ongoing (in-flight) conversation only. But we don't recommend customer to keep working with the existing setup as they will run into issues sooner or later. All the enhancement and support will be provided as part of store app going forward. So if any customer who is facing issues with Virtual Agent Microsoft Teams after upgrading to Quebec - They need to install the store app and it should fix the problem. Visit the ServiceNow Store website to view all the available apps and install Conversational integration with Microsoft Teams.

2. If customer is setting up the integration for the first time, follow the below document to setup the integration: