Clone notifications: Following tables/views cannot be preserved/excluded, skipping : []


These are notifications which were introduced on clone changes recently to list out the details of the tables which are excluded and preserved during that clone.
This is an important feature as we have clone profiles for different instances so requester can get more information on what tables are excluded/preserved on that clone.

There are few other notification’s on the clone change which can be deceiving
Following tables cannot be preserved, skipping : []
Following views cannot be preserved, skipping : []
Skipping following tables as the cannot be excluded : []

There are some tables which should not be preserved and excluded OOB. These are instance specific data/details. There will be data(table-names) within [] if clone engine is ignoring them during the clone.
It will be blank if there are no tables that should be ignored.

Clone team is also working on an enhancement where these notifications will not be added to the change if there are no tables skipped.

Additional Information

These KB’s have more information ==> 

What tables should I not exclude?

Exclude Tables hardcoded during clone

Earlier, when we have a table which is not supposed to be preserved/Excluded; the clone will fail and we Tech Support will reach out to customer to remediate the issue by removing the tables and then re trigger the clone. This required a manual intervention and the whole process will be delayed for the customer as the clone have o start from scratch after the table is removed.

Now we have a  new workflow in place where when the clone engine find these tables( which shouldn't be there) while creating the clone workflow, There is a logic imposed which will ignore them by default and these tables 
will be notified as follows:-

Following tables cannot be preserved, skipping : [ table_name1, tablename_2,**]

Skipping following tables as the cannot be excluded : [table3, table_4**]

This feature will ensure the following:-

1. The clone will not fail for this obvious reason waiting for a manual intervention where customer support need to reach the customer and re-trigger the clone.

2. As the clone will progress despite the tables present on preservers/excluders; customers can check this info to get an understanding that these tables were skipped from the Preservation/Exclusion by the clone engine.

  1. NOT allowed preserved tables: Based on current list, it will skip any tables from usageanalytics_count_cfg, sys_attachment, sys_attachment_doc being preserved.
  2. NOT allowed views: If there are tables preserved which are sys_db_view ( Database Views)

These notification can be ignored if they are blank.
If there are tables listed as skipped, these can be removed from excluders/preservers and customers can raise any follow-up queries to Technical Support.