How to select different MID servers for different service accounts with Cloud Discovery


Out of the box, Cloud Discovery schedule selects MID server based on Applications and Capabilities.

To select different MID servers for different service accounts, you may customize Mid Selector Override.


1. Navigate to MID Server > MID Selector Override

2. Modify the out of the box entry "Override by capability"

3. After below line: 

(function filter(/* MIDServerJS Array */  candidateMIDList, /* MIDServerJS Array */  defaultSelectedMIDList, /* Native JS object */ midSelectorContext, /* MIDSelectorParamJS */ requestedParameters) {

Add below (replace service_account_id and MID Server sysId in the script with your own records,

also please note the service_account_id is the account id, instead of sys_id):


 var result = [];

 if (JSON.parse(midSelectorContext).service_account_id == 'cc0cb784-577a-4943-acc1-4fb487103b77') {
  for (var mid in defaultSelectedMIDList) {
   if (defaultSelectedMIDList[mid].sysId == 'af693bf5db7b50108e0d8a8b3a9619a6')
  return result;   


For example:

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Alternative solution (Legacy / Still supported)

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