Amazon Service Catalog Item cannot load variables- Unable to retrieve launch paths for product: access denied


1. Impersonate as any user that doesn't access to Amazon Service Catalog
2. Open the Service Catalog Item on the service portal or from the platform(maintain items)

Expect: Catalog Item to load all variables

Actual: None of the variables were loaded. Error:

Unable to retrieve launch paths for product sysid: access denied
Unable to retrieve provisioning artifacts for product sysid: access denied

Release or Environment

Quebec Patch 1 Hotfix 1


The user was not assigned to the required group "order aws products" as per requirement:

The section "Configuring AWS Service Management Connector scoped application" talks about permission and the group needed to give to end-users.
Configuring ServiceNow


Assign the user to the group "order aws products".

1.Go to the affected user recordĀ 
2.In the related list tab - Groups. Click Edit.
3.Find and add "order aws products" to the Group list . Press save.

Additional Information

Debug security did not detect any ACL failure as this is not role-related but rather user group-related.