MID Server MSI installer fails to check if any groups the user is a member of have the Logon as service right, blocking install: Service Account does not have the "Logon as Service" right


MID Server MSI installer checks if the service user entered has the "Logon as Service" right. This check can give a false error when the user has that right via a Group membership. This prevents installation using the MSI installer.

Steps to Reproduce

Reproduced with an internal supportlab Windows Server 2019 VM, and Quebec Patch 2.

On the windows host:

  1. Local users and groups (lusrmgr):
    • Create a local account (non admin) user: mid_service_user
    • create a group: mid_server_users_group
    • add that user to that group.
  2. Local Security Policy: 
    • Local policies - user rights assignments: Log on as a Service
    • Add local group: mid_server_users_group
  3. Run the MSI as administrator

On the service user check, the blocking error appears:
Service Account does not have the "Logon as Service" right

Expected behaviour. As this user does have that right, this check should pass.


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2 available workarounds:

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