"Send Email" flow action in flow designer is not sending notification to Delegates


When using flow designer and having OOB flow action "Send Email", certain users are receiving email notifications when the action is triggered. But these users have active delegates as well, but they are not receiving notifications.
Steps to Reproduce
Configure a flow having "Send Email" action
Trigger the flow and notice the email is only triggered to this user and not for theĀ  delegate


This is an expected behavior with Send email action
Send Email just sends an email to the recipients you specify.


Delegation is a feature of the notification system. If you need delegation, you may need to define a system notification, and then use the 'Send Notification" action in the flow.
Before triggering a notification as an action step in Flow Designer, ensure that the notification is set up for use in the platform.

Additional Information

Refer : https://community.servicenow.com/community?id=community_question&sys_id=45a9ef01dba0d704852c7a9e0f961974