View Scorecard does not show survey information/charts


Clicking View Scorecard does not display any related survey answer information or charts.

Release or Environment



Mandatory field 'Filter field' did not have a value.


There is a mandatory field called 'Filter field' which needs a value (ex: Name)

When reproducing this issue I found the error below in the error logs:
org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: Cannot convert null to an object.
Caused by error in plugin://com.snc.assessment_core/ui.jtemplates/asmt_scorecard.xml.15 at line 87

84: var groupField = metricType.display_field + '';
86: var type = new GlideRecord(metricType.table + '');
==> 87: refFieldLabel = type.getElement(groupField).getED().getLabel();

The backend code that displays the scorecard is expecting a value for this field to process.