Error: 'Read operation on table was denied' is observed for lifecycle event cases while completing activities.


Lifecycle event cases throwing below error while completing activities.

Read operation on table 'sn_hr_le_case' from scope 'Human Resources: Service Portal' was denied. The application 'Global' must declare a cross scope access privilege. Please contact the application admin to update their access requests.


These errors can occur if certain scoped resources (tables, script includes, etc) are set to deny access to other scopes. To address this a scoped administrator would need to update the Restricted Caller Access record (sys_restricted_caller_access) to allow other scopes to access it.


On the sys_restricted_caller_access table, please add the "Updated" column and check the last updated Restricted Caller Access records for Target Scope (Human Resources: Lifecycle Events):

These will have to be approved to get rid of the error message.

1) Please click the link in the Operation column or the Information circle to open this record.
2) You must select the Target Scope (Human Resources: Lifecycle Events) to change the Status from Requested to Approved.
3) Save the record and try your test again.

In some cases, one script may call another script which will generate another Restricted Caller Access record. So if your test fails again, repeat the above steps to see if there is another RCA record to approval.

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