The New CI relationship addition page will be broken after Quebec upgrade


The New CI relationship page will not be populated after Quebec upgrade if you are using custom roles to view the CI relationships rather "ITIL" or "Asset roles" 

Steps to reproduce :


Release or Environment



In Quebec there are new ACLs inserted for tables "cmdb_rel_group" and "cmdb_rel_person" , which requires an ITIL or Asset role for the users to open add the new Relationships to a CI and also to view the exiting relationships 


There are two solutions to resolve this :

Solution 1:

Kindly grant the ITIL or asset roles for the required user.

Solution 2 :

If you are using a specific custom role to access these tables without granting itil/admin access, You can just add the custom role to the ACL for the tables. Then you can leave your users and roles alone and the group you designated as able to read+write these tables will still be able to do so.

Currently the ACL only allows for ITIL and Admin roles., with an admin account you can add your custom roles to the new ACL rules for "cmdb_rel_group" and "cmdb_rel_person"