New Categories in a existing Survey missing even after published


There are categories defined in each survey to group the questions which will display all the questions in that category under one section.

Few questions defined in the category are also not visible as the category itself is not visible.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a new survey definition.

2. Create a new category.

3.Create a few set of questions in the category

4. Assign the survey to the user.

5. Impersonate the user to whom the survey is assigned.

6. Open the survey assessment and click on take assessment ui action.

7. Check for the category if it is visible or not.

Release or Environment



The categories which need to be visible in the assessment_Take2 page should be present in the asmt_assessable_record table.

As the category's records are not present in the asmt_assessable_record table, few categories are not visible on the UI page.

Additional Information

Categories that are not visible on the ui page needs to be added to the asmt_assessable_record table.

If there are any dependent questions in the category then dependent questions will be visible only when the conditions are met.