Some fields on modal Start New BIA on Business Continuity Workspace do not behavave as expected


Some fields like Annotations or reference fields with attributes configured will not show on the NewModalBIA form to create a new BIA on Business Continuity Workspace, or will not display all the information and values they are configured to show on the form.

Release or Environment



Bia Modal and Details tab under a workspace record both are built using different base components where one is displaying everything other has limited functionality.

For Paris, inside the modal the base components that are being used for reference field (now-record-field-lookup-connected) are throwing a warning when field is stored with an empty value(in-built) and only provide details of primary column display value (not other columns added from attributes).

Also, field annotation is not displayed on the modal even if it is configure to show on the NewModalBIA view on the backend.

This issues have been fixed this behaviour in Quebec release and made it consistent with workspace form view.


For now, as a workaround:
Add the customized table fields and the annotations in the ‘Workspace’ view of the form(sn_bia_analysis) instead of NewModalBia(new_bia_modal) view. Removing those fields from the modal view will allow you to create the new BIA and fill in those fields on the form on Business Continuity Workspace.