"Bulk" SLA Repair from list did not follow Repair path of Workflow activity


Customer created a custom workflow with workflow activities for notifications to be sent at 60%, 80% and 100%

Customer reported that when they repaired a large number of SLAs from list, on some records the SLA repair followed the normal path instead of the repair path


No issue, this is expected.

Notifications had not yet been sent for some of the workflow activities at the time of the repair


The workflow has a repair path and input configured. So no issues here.

The repair logs and workflow for the customers example INC0480301 which was repaired using UI action on form

Before repair
Business elapsed time 61.12%
After repair 61.17%
60% notification would have already been sent before repair
Workflow shows repair path followed at 60%
80% and 100% have not yet been reached, expect normal path to be followed when 80 and 100 is reached

Checked repair logs for the other examples provided where customr did a bulk repair
SLA Repair Log Entry
Created 13-04-2021 09:51:18

Before repair values
In progress
Business elapsed percentage - 58.84%
No notifications were sent out before the repair yet as 60% hadn't been reached
After repair values
Business elapsed percentage 59.52
No notifications had been sent yet
So SLA followed normal path at 60, 80 and 100 is expected because no notifications would have been sent at the time of the repair

Before repair values
Business elapsed time - 39.12%
After repair
Business elapsed time - 41.58%
SLA followed normal path at 60, 80 and 100 is expected as above

Before repair values
Business elapsed percentage - 81.11%
After repair values
Business elapsed percentage - 82.03%
Notifications would have been sent at 60% and 80% before the repair
Workflow follows repair path at 60% and 80%. At 100% the normal path is followed
This is expected

Checked email logs for the time of the repair on 13-04-2021 and no emails were sent for this record for 60% and 80%
On 14:04:2021 email was sent for 100%

Analysis of an example taken from the same repair logs - INC0471763
Workflow path at 60% and 80% followed repair path, activity at 100% followed normal path
Shows the values of the SLA before repair as:
Business elapsed percentage - 95.56

The workflow in this example followed repair path for 60% and 80% and normal path for 100%.

Conclusion: The bulk repair customer did has worked as expected. Where notifications were not yet sent, the workflow followed the normal path but where notifications were already sent the workflow followed the repair path.

Additional Information

Check also these KB's to ensure configuration is correct. i.e repair path and input mode is configured. In this case the configuration was correct