[CMDB\Dashboard View] Widgets in CMDB View doesn't display correct for selected CMDB heirarchy when clicking on "refresh"


Steps to Reproduce

1. Login to any Orlando, Paris version instance
2. Navigate >> Configuration >> CMDB Dashboard >> CMDB View
- It displays the overall score for "CMDB" class

3. In CMDB Health view >> select "Server" class under CMDB Hierarchy

- Notice the widgets like CMDB Completeness Scoreboard, CMDB Compliance Scoreboard, CMDB Correctness Scoreboard displays the score for the "Server" class

- When clicking on "refresh" inside any widget e.g. CMDB Compliance Scoreboard the score flips/refreshes to overall CMDB and doesn't display for the "Server" class.

NOTE: The issue is reproducible in the local OOTB instance as well.


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As a workaround, the user can refresh the page and select the "Server" class again under CMDB Hierarchy.

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