Service Catalog flow with: Invalid target record for notification


Service catalog flow with send notification errors out unexpectedly

Steps to Reproduce

Create a new service catalog flow (Make sure the flow runs in the background)
Add a Send Notification action
- Record: Trigger > Requested Item Record
- Table: sc_req_item
- Notification: <create a new notification to use here if one doesn't exist>
Trigger the flow from a catalog item

Expected: Flow completes successfully
Actual: Flow errors with: Invalid target record for notification


  1. Update the Start FlowDesigner Flow Business rule to pass a new GlideRecord 
    // Pass a new current record 

    var newCurrent = new GlideRecord("sc_req_item");


    sn_flow_trigger.FlowTriggerAPI.fireCatalogTrigger(flowName, newCurrent);
  2. Run the flow in the foreground rather than in the background
  3. Add a 1 second timer prior to the Send Notification 

Related Problem: PRB1489702