In Virtual agent, double or single digit (number) keyword search does not show results


In Virtual agent, double or single-digit (number) keyword search does not show results

There may be some issues with the number format at the chatbot.

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The same can be seen OOB. Let's take for example the number "37" and search for this on the platform keyword on any table. "37" is an ambiguous search term in the eyes of Zing (the platform text index feature) and is therefore disregarded. Same thing if you search for "the". It will find topics for "article 37" because "article" is a keyword on those topics and we're doing an OR query, meaning search for topics with keyword "article" or "37" (which is disregarded). One topic has a keyword of "article37" and searching on that finds that topic.


To solve the issue you need to add (Text Index Filter Junk) and set to false for sys_cs_topics in ts_configuration. Same s kb_knowledge table which OOB you can search numbers.

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