MID Server version compatibility



Reported MID Server version 'paris-06-24-2020__patch4b-02-04-2021_02-08-2021_1058' is not compatible with instance version 'newyork-06-26-2019__patch10b-10-23-2020_11-04-2020_1502'. Upgrade is required.



Release or Environment



Mid server version is not compatible with the instance version.


The version of the MID Server must be compatible with the version of the instance. Otherwise, the MID Server cannot process commands or communicate with the instance.

The instance determines which version of the MID Server is allowed. The MID Server version must at minimum belong to the same major release, such as Newyork. If the MID Server version belongs to the same major release, it can, but does not have to, belong to the same minor version, such as Newyork Patch 1. In this case, communication with the instance might still be possible, but it is always suggested that you upgrade to the latest version.

Caution: You can pin the MID Server to a specific version using the mid.version.override property, but you should be aware that the version might become out of date.

Version indicators

If the version is not compatible, the MID Server status is not changed to Down in the MID Server dashboard. So it might still appear to be processing commands when it actually is not doing so. You must check the MID Server Version on the dashboard, which is available starting with the Istanbul release.

The icons in the Version column indicates the following:
  • Red: Incompatible. The MID Server and instance do not belong to the same release. You must upgrade the mid server and verify that it is not pinned to an older version with the mid.version.override property. The MID Server will not be upgraded until the parameter is cleared.
  • Yellow: Compatible, but an upgrade is recommended. This indicates that the MID Server version belongs to the same family as the instance, but not the same version.
  • Green: Compatible. No upgrade necessary.
  • Gray: Incompatible. The instance cannot detect the version.