HTML fields show tags in the form screen of the mobile app.


When displaying an HTML field in a Form Screen, the field acts as a string field and is unformatted. The content is shown with the html tags. 

Release or Environment



The type of the screen fields of the HTML field is set to Auto.


To fix the issue, the type of the screen field should be set to HTML instead of Auto.

When configuring a details screen, you would select fields to display on your form. When you save the details screen, the instance creates a Screen Field [sys_sg_screen_field] for each selected field. You can modify these records to change the screen field type from the Screen fields related list of 'sys_sg_details_screen' screen. Change the screen field type to how you want your information to be presented, and improve the appearance and usability of the applet for your users.

Additional Information

Refer to the documentation for more details:

Screen fields