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Public Landing Page | Authentication


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Authentication Categories:

  • Local Login
  • LDAP Authentication
  • SAML Authentication
  • “Remember Me” based logins
  • OKTA based login (Deprecated since K release but there are a few existing customers)
  • UI Session management (Guest/UI/Unauthorized session timeouts, session rotation, concurrent session limitation)
  • Custom URL
  • Password Reset/Change
  • E-Signature with SAML
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

API Authentication Categories:

  • OAuth
  • OIDC
  • Basic Authentication
  • Outbound Integration Authentication
  • Mobile Authentication
  • Virtual Agent bot Authentication




Training – YouTube ‘How To’ Videos

Course Name


ServiceNow Integration - LDAP Integration in ServiceNow (Step by Step Demonstration)

YouTube Video (00:26:17) 

ServiceNow Guide for Developers | How to configure LDAP Server

YouTube Video (00:18:28) 

MID Server Installation in ServiceNow | ServiceNow Discovery Training | How to install MID Server

YouTube Video (00:25:01) 

How to set up Mutual Authentication with ServiceNow

YouTube Video (00:16:50) 

OAuth 2.0 for ServiceNow Inbound Integration

YouTube Video (00:12:35) 

Basic Authentication for ServiceNow Inbound Integration

YouTube Video (00:07:33) 

More ‘How To’ Videos…

Knowledge Articles

  • KB0792675 - Get OAuth token fails with error 401 Unauthorized since not able to parse the response body
  • KB0676273 - Google and Microsoft Authenticator (MFA) code not working
  • KB0689646 - Cannot Generate Metadata when Sign AuthnRequest or Sign LogoutRequest is checked
  • KB0813794 - Issue when calling rest Message using OAuth when Calling via scripted Rest Service
  • KB0812242 - Inbound API call fails for a specific user with Error: Basic authentication failed for user
  • KB0827182 - Outbound REST calls failing with peer not authenticated
  • KB0831526 - Microsoft Exchange Spoke is failing with 401 Authentication error
  • KB0819309 - Login via portal page is not taking to google auth MFA page after password resets
  • KB0693900 - How to generate a token using sn_auth - oAuth API for Authorization grant type?

Known Problems

  • PRB1342894 - The presence of OAuth 2.0 credentials in the Credentials table results in no credentials of any type being retrieved by the MID Server

Fixed Paris Patch 1+

  • PRB717733 - When authenticating through SSO, the glide cookie for the old Identity Provider-initiated single sign-on is being used instead of the current Service Provider-initiated single sign-on

Fixed London Patch 7+

  • PRB1422437 - OAUTH: The token refresh fails when 'Web service access only = TRUE' for the user

Fixed Quebec Patch 1 Hot Fix 1

  • PRB1412465 - Cached OAuth provider public setting prevents authentication with Google

Fixed Quebec Patch 1 Hot Fix 1

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