Cross Scoped error messages generated from the Employee Service Portal plugin


Navigating to the service portal, multiple error messages references cross scope errors and failing widgets are generated from the Employee Service Portal. Examples of messages below:

"com.glide.script.fencing.access.ScopeAccessNotGrantedException: read access to sn_hr_sp_todos_config not granted"

"Read operation on table 'sn_hr_sp_todos_config' from scope 'ServiceNow for Microsoft Teams' was denied. The application 'ServiceNow for Microsoft Teams' must declare a cross scope access privilege. Please contact the application admin to update their access requests."

"Failing widget: 'Welcome greeting (EESP)' (caf0d0e45baf101022527d6f7281c71c)"

"Failing widget: 'Tasks (EESP)' (ccbb831d53231010fa75ddeeff7b126d)"

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The cause of errors for the issue was the need cross scoped records to be created, and also set to the correct 'status'.


To resolve the issue in this example, two cross scope records had to be created for 'sn_hr_sp_todos_config' in the global scope and the scope of the application. Also, a cross scoped record had to be created for the script include 'ca_CampaignContent'.

In addition, an important note when creating these cross scope records, the status must be set to 'Allowed' and not 'Requested'.

After creating the cross scope records, the portal no longer generated any error messages.

Additional Information

Define cross-scope access to an application resource