MID Server MSI Installer does not work on non-English language pack hosts - "ServiceNow MID Server Setup Wizard Ended Prematurely"


Installing a MID Server on a non-English language pack Windows host fails.
This has been confirmed with Paris/Quebec installer, on Windows Server 2019 w/ German language pack, and is likely to affect others - TBC

Error during installation, after the final "Install" button has been clicked:
"ServiceNow MID Server Setup Wizard Ended Prematurely"

Steps to Reproduce

MID Server MSI Installer versions tested: Paris Patch 7, Quebec Patch 1.

This has been reproduced with German, but is highly likely to have similar issues with other languages.

Login in to Windows Server 2019 Standard, German Language Pack
Create a new non admin User account for the service account via the following:

  1. Open systemsteuerung (system settings)
  2. Open Benutzerkonten -> Benutzerkonten -> Anderes Konto verwalten (User accounts ->User accounts->Manage another account)
  3. Click benutzerkonto hinzufugen and enter the username, password, re-enter password, password clue

With this user created grant this user logon as a service rights via the following

  1. From the windows search bar search for Lokale Sicherheitsrichtlinie ( Local Security Policy)
  2. Open on the left pane Lokale Richtlinie and then Zuweisen von Benutzerrechten (local Policy , User Rights Assignment)
  3. Right click on anmelden als dienst ( register as a service) and select Eigenschaften. (properties)
  4. Click on "Benutzer oder Gruppe hinzufuegen"
  5. In the dialogue box type the username of the account you added then click Namen uberprufen
    with the name added click ok

Now install a mid server via the msi installer, connect to any instance and use the service account that you set up above- receive error during installation;

"ServiceNow MID Server Setup Wizard Ended Prematurely"

Expected behaviour: The installer isn't translated, but should still work on versions of windows with language packs.

(The error text says that the system has not been modified - although a side-effect, this is an incorrect statement, as all the mid server files has been extracted to the C drive)


This problem has been fixed. If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In or Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or permanent fix.

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