Request Item is still 'active = true' even though it is set to Closed Complete


You are seeing that your Request Items are staying as active = true even though the State is set to Closed Complete.


First you should confirm that this issue is not happening as a result of PRB1269804. (See the Known Error Article here for this).

If all the changes as per the above have been applied, then this issue is most likely happening because the Conditions in the new "Set Active Flag After Workflows" Business Rule is not being met.

The condition is as follows:

current.stage.changes() && (current.stage=="complete" || current.stage=="Request Cancelled" || current.stage=="closed_incomplete" || current.stage=="closed_skipped")

The Stage field is set by the Workflow on your Request Item and this is most likely not setting to one of the above Stages as per the Condition.


You will need to perform one of the following actions:

  1. Modify the Workflow being used by your Request Item so that the Stage is set to one of the expected values. (E.g. complete, Request Cancelled, closed_incomplete or closed_skipped)
  2. Alternatively, you can modify the Condition in the Advanced Tab of the "Set Active Flag After Workflows" Business Rule

Important Note: The second option here counts as a customisation and you should ensure to look for Skipped Upgrades for this record in the future.