Discovery Log Error on HTTP Classify Sensor "Sensor error when processing HTTP - Classify: -----------------------------Stack:com.snc.mid.util.midselector.MidServersConfig.getMidServerByDisplayName"


When running discovery you may see the error as below in the discovery logs:

Release or Environment

All currently supported releases.


The issue is triggered when the MID Server name has a special character.  For the sample case, the MID Server name is "mid_serverx".  Please refrain from using special characters as part of the MID Server name.   


Rename the MID Server and remove the special character.  This can be done from the MID Server record in your instance.  For the sample given change the name from "mid_serverx" to "midserverx".

Additional Information

HTTP Classify Probe is normally launched when our port probes detect port 80 or 443 are open on a server and only if the higher priority probes have failed.  If the HTTP Classify probe does not run then you will not encounter the issue.

If it does run however and we process the probe response via the probe sensor we will get this error and all other Classifier probes with lower priority than HTTP Classify Probe will not run.  This results in failed discoveries.  One case in point is the vCenter Classier probe which has lower priority.  So even if the vCenter ports were detected by the port probe as open, you will not see any vCenter probes launched.