Unable to see a new installed MID Server in services.msc or need to uninstall a MID Server


Unable to install and configure the mid server

- downloaded the files and followed the process to install a MID Server

- the configuration looks good with correct parameters populated for the instance URL, username, password however the service is not displayed in services.msc


MID Server service is not displayed.


1. Run "installMID-NT.bat" from /agent/bin folder and you will see your MID Server service in "services.msc"


2. in "services.msc" you will have to start the service (right-click, select start)

3. go to the instance and type"MID Server" in the left nav > click on MID Servers; refresh the page and you will see your MID Server (this will go UP and DOWN over the next few minutes while the install is completed)

4. validate the MID Server by clicking the hyperlink "Validate MID" from the MID Server (on the instance)


uninstallMID-NT.exe can also be used if you need to uninstall a MID Server

1. stop the running service - run stop.bat or from services.msc stop the serviceĀ 

2. from <MID Server>/agent/bin run the UninstallMID-NT.bat