Agent connecting to incorrect MID Server due to MID CLustering


Agents should connect only to 1 MID server. MID Clustering is currently not supported with Agent.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Have more than 1 MID server connected to your instance
2. Make sure both have ACC capacity
3. Set up a MID Cluster with these MIDs.
4. Connect an Agent just to 1 of the MIDs.
5. Get the host of the agent from step 4 sys id
6. copy the following script to script background, replace the sys id with the one you got from step 5 and run this script

var a = new AgentNowHandler();

var cis = new GlideRecord('cmdb_ci_computer');

cis.addQuery('sys_id', <SYS ID>);
var check1 = {
'checkDefId' : 'f9fe1e3c536113006dfeddeeff7b12a2'

a.runCheckForCis(cis, check1, "0", 60000);

7. Run this script multiple times and look at the ecc queue. On some ocasions, the Business Rules will replace the MID with a different MID.


Specify a MID Server that is not part of the cluster

Related Problem: PRB1479628