Time Sheet Portal "Add unassigned tasks to Time Sheet" Option is showing Project Tasks to the user who doesn't have access


The "Add unassigned tasks to Time Sheet" Option in the Time Sheet Portal is showing Project Tasks / Projects which the User doesn't have access to in the front end.


This is happening because the User still has access at the Record Level for the [pm_project_task] or [pm_project] Records and therefore it is allowing them to make the search.


Please ensure that the Users are not being granted access at the Record Level since this will still let them search for the Project Tasks / Projects in the Time Sheet Portal.

  1. Go to [sys_security_acl] List View
  2. Query for Operation = Read, Type = Record
  3. Search for Name contains <table_name> (E.g. pm_project_task)
  4. Make sure the User cannot pass any of these for the records which need access denying