Linux / LPAR instance 'owned by' relationship is not being created


In regards to the image from the documentation of CMDB CI Class Models: IBM HMC(Release 1.2.0):

You can see that from the image within the documentation on the bottom left, there is a relationship stated 'owned by' between the Linux Servers and their LPAR Instances.

However, when reviewing the following three:

There is no relationship between the SuSE Servers, and LPAR Instances, even though there should be one as documentation image shows this.

There is no 'Writing' for this relationship, only the image shows this relationship.


Within the patterns steps for this, there is no mention of creating the relationship - it just simply does not exist.


It has been confirmed that there is in fact no code whatsoever that is for creating a relationship 'owned by' between cmdb_ci_linux_server and cmdb_ci_lpar_instance.
What this means, is that the Image is incorrect, and the information for this has bee passed over to the documentation team to remake this image. 

It is a mistake in documentation for this relationship to exist, it does not, and this is the solution.