Asset records having an orphan CI reference


Asset records are being created with an orphaned reference in the Configuration Item (ci) field.


If you open these asset records, you will find that there is a sys_id in the Configuration Item (ci) field when you look at the xml of the record. So this means most likely the asset was associated with a CI record, which does not seem to exist, leaving an orphaned reference.

This issue occurs if there are any custom business rules that will abort the insertion of CI's. What will happen in the background is that the "create asset on insert" business rule will trigger and create an asset record. However, the CI record itself will not be inserted but the before insert BR will pass in the sys_id to populate the 'ci' field of the asset.


In order to resolve these issues, there is a new system property that was added in Paris called "glide.create_alm_asset.async":

Setting this property to true will delay the creation of the asset, and there would be a scheduled job that runs every 15 minutes to create the assets for the CI's that were created in that period. So this way, the orphaned assets will not be created if there is no existing CI.