Drop down choice field list not displaying in Agent Workspace on Chrome (version 89.0.4389.72) or Edge browsers


The issue impacts users that have updated their Chrome or Edge browser to Version 89.0.4389.72. The issue relates to a recent regression introduced in the update to Chromium. Certain content is no longer painted in Web Components as it was before.  As a result, all choice field dropdowns and reference fields in Workspace are broken.

As a result, here are some of the symptoms that agents may notice within Agent Workspace: 

  • Dropdown does not show the choices 
  • Reference lookup fields are not working 
  • Search functionality is not working.

Here are the browser versions that may show this issue:

  • Chrome Version 89.0.4389.72
  • MS Edge 89.0.774.45
  • Or other Browser containing the change made in Chromium 89.0.4389.72

These symptoms are only noticed within the Workspace feature. Users can still use the regular UI without any issues. 

Steps to Reproduce


Fixed Version of Browsers:

- Chrome browser version 89.0.4389.82 was released on March 06, 2021, and the Microsoft browser version of Edge, 89.0.774.48, was released on March 08, 2021. ServiceNow has performed the required testing and confirmed these browser versions fixes the issues. 

Workaround, if you are unable to update to the fixed Browser Version:

We have identified a workaround that can be installed on a ServiceNow instance to mitigate the issue. The instance Administrator can directly implement the workaround from the script's background. Attached is the script that has a workaround. 

Please Note: Script needs to be executed from the Global Scope. Make sure "Scope = global" is selected when running the script from the script background.


Regarding the workaround

Q: Is there any impact after applying the workaround?

A: We did not identify any impact in our testing after the workaround is applied

Q: What testing has been completed before performing this maintenance on my instance?

A: We have tested the workaround against all supported Family releases.

Q: What actions are performed by the script?

A: ServiceNow needs to deliver an additional script payload for all Now UI Experience-based UIs to remediate a bug discovered in Chrome 89. To achieve this:

On Orlando instances:

ServiceNow is modifying ServiceNow-owned metadata records for Agent Workspaces to include the script.

Files affected: sys_ux_lib_source_script_4ec7c18ad73b2e4c4e3c8a070af4de1f.xmlOn

On Paris/Quebec instances:

ServiceNow is modifying ServiceNow-owned metadata records for a core component (sn-layout) to include the script.

Files affected: sys_ux_lib_source_script_0cf4cf5985e2a56aa75fb03fc4aebde3.xml

Q: Will the workaround need to be reverted after updating browsers to a version where this issue is fixed?

A: No. The workaround only executes on the affected browser version and will be automatically removed the next time you upgrade your instance to a new patch/family release.

Q: Are there any other browsers that have this issue?

A: Widely used browsers, including Chrome and Microsoft Edge, have been fixed and no longer have the issue. 

Related Problem: PRB1479020