Release notes 3.19

Release Content




The following table provides a list of the customer facing / relevant changes in this release. Not all platform backend changes are included in this list.







Introduction of pagination if dynamic loading is enabled for big data models.




Added support for snapshot tag in validation status CLI call.



New endpoint is created to return nodes by pagination (For data models with dynamic loading)



Validation information can now be extracted by tag and versionId parameters.




An API user is no more allowed to access login page.



Details – Pagination if dynamic loading is enabled


A new view is available for big data models to use dynamic loading of the tree instead of always the full static tree.

In dynamic loading, pagination concept is introduced to handle data for big data models.


Details – New endpoint to return nodes by pagination

  curl command to get the details of the nodes by pagination:


curl --request GET --url ''

--header 'authorization: bearer ce6e504b-hwbevuewee-28320'



 Description of the parameters that should be passed in the curl command:

  • default values: page=0, size=20
  • all parameters are optional
  • If nodeID is not given in the API call, the dimensions are returned
  • workspace parameter is only application to dimension


  Details – CLI snapshot tag


Validation status check in CLI now supports snapshot tag.


Example CLI command for validation status:

./sweagle validationStatus --help           

Usage: sweagle validationStatus|validStatus [options] <configdataset>


Checks for Validation Status of a Config data set



  -i, --forIncoming           For Incoming Data

  -d, --withData              With Validation Data

  -p, --pretty                Pretty print

  -v --versionId [versionId]  For VersionId

  -t --tag [tag]              For Tag

  -h, --help                  display help for command



* Example call to check the validation status of a config data set *


sweagle validationStatus testCds --versionId versionId --tag testTag

 Details – to get validation information by passing tag and/or versionId parameters

 versionId and tag parameters are added for requesting the validation report. These 2 parameters are not mandatory. If any non-existing versionId or tag are passed in the call, it will return the latest stored result.

  Example curl command:


curl --request GET --url '{versionId}&tag={tag}' --header 'authorization: bearer vds7dvd-11aa-40cb-8989-97cdc87e'