Proxyconnect timeout error for Terraform based templates: proxyconnect tcp: dial tcp proxy_ip:proxy_port: i/o timeout


When provisioning using Terraform based Template, it fails with an error similar to the below depending on the cloud provider. In the error below, the provider is VMware:

Error: error setting up new vSphere SOAP client: Post "https://vcenter_ip:443/sdk": proxyconnect tcp: dial tcp proxy_ip:proxy_port: i/o timeout on line 11, in provider "vsphere": 11: provider "vsphere" { (script_include:TerraformExecutor; line 76)

Release or Environment



This is seen when there is an issue in the proxy configuration between Terraform and the cloud Provider. You can confirm this by checking the proxy ip provided in the error and make sure it is the one from the internal network.


As this is not an issue with ServiceNow, you will need to contact your Terraform and Network administrators. 

One solution that your team might suggest would be to pypass the proxy when the request is coming from the MID server. This can be done by adding the MID server IP address AND hostname to the "no_proxy" variable. 

Additional Information

For more information, please refer to terraform documentation on the usage of no_proxy variable.