SLA Breakdown system log error : failed to retrieve active breakdown record


SLA Breakdown Definition to our SLA definitions the system throwed multiple errors.
The 2.5K errors had the same sys_id of the out of the box breakdown definition.

*** Script [SLABreakdownProcessor]: 2021-02-23 22:09:35.422 _processActiveBreakdown: failed to retrieve active breakdown record for breakdown definition id=0b2a6b0c57a01300ff01ac11ac94f91b: no thrown error



The error was appearing as Response SLA's were attached to the Breakdown defiinition

https://<<instance name>>

We removed the response SLA's attached to the breakdown and issue was no more appearing.


We would recommend you to only attach resolution SLA's to the breakdown as SLA breakdowns are intended for P1 and P2 resolution SLA's as per the documentation.
It also works for P3 and P4 as well but it throws error if we attach response type SLAs.

Service Level Agreement breakdown definitions