Paris : When using 'Group By' in the list view, the 'Show just this group' link is not working as per previous release.


For listview/reports/homepage widgets/PA dashboard widgets that are displaying records that are grouped, clicking on the grouped records (see screenshot below) is not displaying the records as per the releases prior to Paris and pagination is not working as well.

You will also see that the filter conditions are duplicated with each click of the 'Show just this group' link. In some scenarios where the filter conditions are very long (which then cause the URL to be very long as well), there may be performance degradation when the link is clicked multiple times as the very long URL may cause low memory conditions on the node. The transaction will be long-running and may not complete. A node restart would be required to provide relief as the transaction cannot be terminated via the Active Transactions module.

Steps to Reproduce

In a Paris instance (that is not a fixed release for this issue),

  1. Open the task list.
  2. Group the list by the State field.
  3. Click any of the groups to 'Show just this group'.

Expected behavior: The records under that group will be shown, filter conditions are not duplicated and the pagination is working as expected.

Actual behavior: In Paris, clicking the "Show just this group" opens the list in the Grouped list view. The records under that group are not displayed/expanded, filter conditions are duplicated and pagination is not working.


Instead of clicking the "Show just this group" link, please click on the arrow beside the group name to expand the list and access the records required.

For a permanent fix, please consider upgrading to a fixed release for this issue.

Related Problem: PRB1450131