Random updates to sys_attachment table records, there by triggering email notifications


The olds records in the sys_attachement will get an update showing the updated field as a recent date and time and the notifications that go out based on insert or update to attachment records as per the notification conditions.

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This is because when the user goes to the sys_attachment table and tries to download the attachment where the state filed was empty.


- There should be some old attachment records created where the status filed will be empty. When the user click's on the attachment then it will be downloaded and the state field will be changed to "available". Due to this field update, the "updated" time will also be changed and the "updated by" field will also be changed with that username.

- If any business rule is configured in the instance on the sys_attachment table, the notification is getting triggered and sent out to the users.

The users should be careful while downloading the old attachments where the status field is "empty" or if not required disable the business rule or any notification configured on the sys_attachment table.

Additional Information

- Antivirus Scanning is active by default in the instance, where it automatically scans attachments to identify any files that are infected by viruses. You can also deactivate it in your instance if required.

- As part of Madrid, a new feature 'Antivirus Scanning' was added, which scans attachments in the instance for any virus definitions.

- We can track the scanned attachments in the Attachment Scan Histories table "attachment_scan_history"

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