[SAMP-Entitlements] How the software model on the Software Entitlement form is populated and why its not populating occassionally


When creating a new Software Entitlements and once we enter the PPN (Publisher Part Number) then it might not populate the software model.

We do have the client script on the entitlemnet form that would try to check the matching model and if not it will create the new one and populates on the form.

Client Script Name: Create software model if not exist

The above script makes use of GlideAjax to call a script include SoftwareModelAPI and find/create a new model.
Script Include: SoftwareModelAPI

Release or Environment

All Jakarta++


1. Check if these client script or script includes are OOB.

2. Make sure if we are waiting for atleast 5-6 secs on the entitlement form once we enter PPN.

3. Open the browser console and check the network if there are any latency in GlideAjax or errors.