How to change fields on the "Your history" tab of Application Navigator

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The fields showing on the "Your History" tab is maintained in the Document Title table(System Classic Mobile UI -> Table Titles).

Or we can go to the "sys_ui_title.list" directly.

It can be changed following the steps below.

1. Log in as admin.

2. Go to "sys_ui_title.list".

3. Search the Table name. Create a new record if it doesn't exist.

4. Set Fields needs to be showing on the "Your History" tab.

Please notice that if the value of the Field is empty, it will use the Display value of the table.

For example, it shows the value of Assigned to of an incident record if we set the Field to Assigned to for the Incident Document Title table.

if the value of Assigned to comes to empty, it will show the Number which is the Display value instead.