In flight TaskSLA records exist prior to addition of SLA Breakdown Definition to SLA Definition records results in multiple errors in the logs: "SEVERE *** ERROR *** *** Script [SLABreakdownProcessor]"


Adding SLA Breakdown definitions to SLA Definitions that have existing task_sla records will result in: "SEVERE *** ERROR *** *** Script [SLABreakdownProcessor]" with each update of the associated task records, until breakdowns run to generate the backing data.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a P3 Incident (using demo data)
2. Open the "Priority 3 resolution (1 day)" SLA def and link to breakdown definition (e.g. assign "Incident SLAs by Assignment" to the contract_sla).
3. Refresh Incident form and view error logs


No work around available, since the log level has been reduced from error level to warning in a read-only protected script include: SLABreakdownProcessorSNC sys_id: c4b7f37b57520300491dac11ac94f935 and while customers theoretically could make the same changes override each of the private methods in SLABreakdownProcessor it is not advisable, because they would be effectively making a copy of the majority of the functionality just to reduce the log level.

Related Problem: PRB1475445